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from the garden at the marina.

The garden is home to a bold, odd little short-eared wild rabbit, who I think is accustomed to guests offering it food. I will see if I can catch a decent photo of it at some point.

I cannot believe its been 3d since I got a -tagged posting!

C'mon ! Show us your !

(I would throw a couple pics up here but the reason I was reminded is 'cuz I am going down to the boat for some isolation time and just packed away the knitting bag.)

<hmms> Maybe we need a tag for knitting while physically distancing.

I have a dePowered .

She started to walk across the room, right through the sunbeam which caused her to pause, blink, and flop over on her side. Other than the occasional luxuriating stretch, she didn't move until the sky clouded over and the sunbeam went away.

Then she got up and continued across the room.

Today, instead of working on my primary project, I spent a couple hours on this.

And what is this? This is half of a burp cloth/butt wiping rag. , like all the stylin' babies will be puking onto this summer/fall.

The pattern is: make up a 2:1 ratio rectangle in any relatively flat, non-rolling stitch pattern. In this case, diamond brocade. Yarn is Cestarl Ash Lawn (75% cotton 25% wool) in some brownish color which got sun-faded in the window so it was on sale.

And then there were two.

I used the scrap from yesterday's work to make a smaller one. It was *much* harder to tie the lanyard with almost no slack, but the size is just about perfect - an ID of about 4 cm / 1.5 " which will work great for attaching or sheets on the tiny .

We went for a walk in the neighborhood. There were people ignoring the park closures, and a half-dozen bags of poo abandoned along the route. But it was nice to get out of the apartment for a little while.

It was also nice that there was so little traffic we could walk in the streets, rather than trying to play dodge-'em on the rather busier sidewalks.

: I have this piece of knitted lace given me a couple decades ago, from someone who had had it for probably many decades before *that*. It is in a rather fine crochet cotton.

And, while I would love for it to be repaired, I know it is just so old it will be merely a temporary fix. But does anyone know where I might find a pattern similar to this? the kind of over-sized doily / anti-macassar which are mostly useless but very pretty.

So today's was yet more of the extremely boring stockinette on small needles with rather fine but very gorgeous . For hours.

So as a slight break, but still in the / end of the pool, I made a soft shackle in . This little loop should have a working strength of about 3000 kg.

My life is currently on hiatus. I have done exactly one row in the past three days staying on the boat. And I will be here at least a couple more days.

There is just no place I can sit comfortably in this tiny cabin.

So, here is a list of my current which are not getting worked on:

* a lighter Flax Light in a lovely yarn from Manos de Uruguay.
* More baby socks.
* a burp cloth I cast on just to see if it works.
* rewriting a baby pull to be knit seamlessly from the bottom up.

Sitting on the floor of the bitty boat's cabin between the steps and the daggerboard case is actually the best spot on the boat. This does not say it is comfortable; it is less uncomfortable. the supposed seat makes an acceptable laptop desk from this position.

Now to see if it works for .

So, I am packing up and clothes and random bits, and about to make a bolt for the .

Yep, gonna hide out on the itty bitty boat while pandemic stuff gets crazier. Well, at least until Monday (but I might be able to go back again on Tuesday...)

Trump, Canada border 

So I have a book on order at Baaad Anna's Yarn Store ("Not your mama's store.") I stopped by the shop today, as they were kinda expecting the books to arrive on Monday. Nope. But *more importantly*, they will likely be closing the store due to .

However, knowing how and are *perfect* for people practicing , they plan to do 'yarn take-out'. You can order and pick up. How cools is that?


tools to add to knitting bag: flexible measuring tape.

I reached one of those "continue in pattern for X repeats, or until Y length." Which would have been fine, if I had a measuring tool.

<grumbles about ferry schedules and actually getting anything done> but at least I will get time while waiting for the ferry, during the passage, while waiting for the return ferry and *that* passage... I may be on sleeves before the weekend!

One of the current : Tin-can Knits design Flax Light, somewhat modified for the which is Alma (merino superwash) from Manos del Uruguay, purchased at the 88 Stitches.

So I have begun tracking my cheap black intake. In part because I am trying to stop buying soda pop. It's hovering about 5 small pots a day.

addiction still going strong...

I just spent 2+ hours in the middle of the night looking up suitable for a super-boring , because boring sweaters are all about the yarn. And I need the most-perfect soft non-scratchy sock-weight to impress the heck out of somebody.

Some nights I hate brain.

(Also, of course, suggestions encouraged.)

So the baby blanket is done at long last. Final size is roughly that of a NA standard bath towel, a bit shorter and a bit wider.

The yarn is Rowan Cashsoft in Silver, the pattern is Linda Whaley's "Cabled Blanket" from the Rowan booklet.

Just discovered a pattern reading error: not 80 cm, but 86 cm.

<siiiiiiiigh> 9 more pattern repeats, 13k more stitches.

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