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I just noticed that uBlock Origin blocked something when I visited EFF's _Do Not Track_ policy page. How unexpected.


Just caught myself thinking "...so if I were going to lose my [lost object], where would I lose it?" An inheritance from my parent who I quizzed mercilessly for such an illogical statement.

And then I looked across the room to where I had left the lost object, as she used regularly to do.

5,000 to 10,000 generations ago, more or less, all of your ancestors - every single one them - were born, raised, had children, and died in .

As far as I can tell, are an everywhere except Africa. We are solely indigenous there.

Of course, rather a long time prior to that, your ancestors had gills.

The government of is collapsing, after the pull-out of the Progress Party. However, it appears the Conservative Party leader Erna Solberg will not be stepping down as there is no constitutional mechanism for calling an early election. The largest number of seats held by a single party, however, are the 49 won by the Labour Party.

Quick hint: when the bottle of has a bit of a clotted cream plug at the top, do not tip it further to hurry a break in the plug. You end up with -flavoured cream.

Today's weather adventures are done; 24 hour hibernation ahead of me.

Accomplishments so far:
* messed up an ARM manual provisioning
* researched and wrote an article
* got car stuck in the snow three times in one short but vital travel
* walked to Cartem's Donuts and gorged

I started modifying the simple code from Cookbook to use . Then I got distracted trying to get (xhtml version) working.

sooo much .


I watched this not-really-a-video about, of all things, tacking the topsails of a . I've only sailed aboard one gaff schooner, but read rather extensively about the rig, and yes in a big schooner (especially a racer) one might worry about tacking. But the usual practice was to just let it girt across the peak halyard. Too dangerous, and too fiddly, for a smaller or working boat.

But it seems the author was referring to an RC model .


's Harbour Air, a airline, together with magniX, an engineering firm based in the and , made the first commercial test flight of an on 10 Dec.

The airframe, a DHC-2 de , was piloted by Harbour Air CEO Greg McDougal. It took off from the Fraser River, spent a couple minutes circling, and landed again safely.



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Mike Olson has his boat back on land in . The neophyte purchased the boat to learn to sail, but caught him unprepared.

Through the kindness of strangers, and a fortuitous break in the weather, he was able to mount a rescue and the vessel is out of the ice. A gift from his community.


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