I am sort of ragey about at the moment. They are still on / . Which means they cannot work on 4 - released early summer of 2019.

Time to re-examine the other options.

Hey : what do you suggest for simple mail server and list serve to run on raspberry pi?

Trying to fire up an to experiment with a list serve, and it is like learning everything all over again, with all the bruises and contusions from falling down and tripping over myself.

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Sorry about the ; we were offline ~1.5 hours trying to figure out why the certificates were failing as a desperation move.

That did not resolve anything. However, reboot shows our certs are good. Knock on wood and remember that sometimes, inexplicably, a cold boot fixes Linux issues.

Just a warning for all users: the system maintenance script is reporting a certificate renewal error.

Unfortunately, I am unable to address this in a timely fashion. So this system may become quarantined by your clients until I get back from some holiday-related travels.

…darned amateur sysadmins!

A few quick notes on the instance:

* We have switched to Roundcube as the default webmail, at the super-obvious webmail/ endpoint.
* We have enabled automated updates for applications. While unlikely, it is possible this could result in breakage. Please report if something you use no longer works!

We are continuing to test other services. If you have a moment, ping us with ideas for things you want to see us hosting.

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Hey people! Those of you that #selfhost , which apps do you host? Please boost for max results 😊
#yunohost , #selfhosting , @unklebonehead

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A player has resigned from my ongoing GUTS+ campaign, so it's time to see if anyone in the Fediverse might be interested in joining in! It's an urban fantasy setting where plants are being given destructive sentience by a science conglomerate that just so happens to be run by aliens.

Its tone is a mix of lighthearted fun and mildly serious themes (like Nintendo's #Earthbound), and you can read up and join here if you're interested:



How horrid that getting the is "proggress!"

Cannot **wait** until I get a couple webapps operational. It is nearly killing me to be unable to about politics atm.

Apparently the current stable version of does not boot on . So, not only is Yunohost not running on , it is not running on the current hardware either.

We are having a hardware failure. The cable modem spent half the day only occasionally connected, resulting in ever-longer periods of time where the servers were unavailable. (As random issues defying diagnosis, this one was pretty good.)

It may have been a thermal issue, but the assumption at the moment is it is failing for an unknown reason. Researching replacement hardware, but thought you may want to know.

* Unexplained downtime at barrir.ca:
Dunno - the server just went unresponsive. And just as mysteriously became available again.


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