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Hey people! Those of you that #selfhost , which apps do you host? Please boost for max results 😊
#yunohost , #selfhosting , @unklebonehead

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A player has resigned from my ongoing GUTS+ campaign, so it's time to see if anyone in the Fediverse might be interested in joining in! It's an urban fantasy setting where plants are being given destructive sentience by a science conglomerate that just so happens to be run by aliens.

Its tone is a mix of lighthearted fun and mildly serious themes (like Nintendo's #Earthbound), and you can read up and join here if you're interested:



How horrid that getting the is "proggress!"

Cannot **wait** until I get a couple webapps operational. It is nearly killing me to be unable to about politics atm.

Apparently the current stable version of does not boot on . So, not only is Yunohost not running on , it is not running on the current hardware either.

We are having a hardware failure. The cable modem spent half the day only occasionally connected, resulting in ever-longer periods of time where the servers were unavailable. (As random issues defying diagnosis, this one was pretty good.)

It may have been a thermal issue, but the assumption at the moment is it is failing for an unknown reason. Researching replacement hardware, but thought you may want to know.

* Unexplained downtime at
Dunno - the server just went unresponsive. And just as mysteriously became available again.


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